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Exec-U-Dig Program

Exec-u-Dig Alumni/ae

David M.Porter, 1992
David Goodall, 1993
William R. Rhodes, 1996
Suzie Georges, 1996
John B. Watts, III 1996
A. Richard Turner, 1997
Clarke Slade, 1997
Carole Neville, 1997
Alicia M. Grace, 1997
Martha Sutherland, 2005
Barnaby Conrad, 2005
Bill Murray, 2006
Sal and Raquel Jiminez, 2009
Lo Mari O’Brien, 2009

In 1992, the our famous “Exec-U-Dig” program was launched, enabling members of the private sector to join us for a week of digging on Yeronisos.  Bankers, lawyers, physicians, moms, authors, journalists, academics, businessmen and women alike, have adored their time with us in the trenches, excavating alongside students from the field school.  A donation of $10,000 will bring you not only a week on Yeronisos, but a lifetime of memories and the unique joy of uncovering part of our ancient past.

Actor Bill Murray, Citcorp’s Bill Rhodes, gallery owner Martha Sutherlund, and author Barnaby Conrad are among those who have joined the team for digging, studying, touring, dancing, swimming, and dining on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Cypriot seaside.  Why not join our distinguished group of Yeronisos Exec-U-Diggers and experience the wonders of field archaeology first hand?

If you are interested in joining the Exec-U-Dig program,

please email us at

Bill Murray, 2006.